Scheepjes Chunky Monkey Review

I am not an acrylic person, mainly because it creates little micro splits in my fingers so I avoid it, however when designing Peony I wanted to be able to suggest a quality acrylic yarn to use. As fate would have it, just before I released Peony, Scheepjes announce their Chunky Monkey range and I … [Read more…]

Stitch height is a thing! Who knew!

As a designer I do get concerned when people are struggling with one of my patterns. I do my best to work with them to brain storm where something might have gone wrong. Until now my suggestion for achieving correct gauge has always been related to hook size but as I recently found out this … [Read more…]

When yarn choice matters:

Have you ever started a pattern and get a little way (or a long way) in before getting frustrated that it just isn’t sitting right? Perhaps you’re trying to make a yarn bowl and it keeps flopping over side ways or you are wanting a nice slouch hat but it is sitting up like a … [Read more…]


If you are a member of any crochet groups you will have inevitably seen a few posts on blocking. It usually starts with a post from a new comer asking ‘what is blocking?’ There will be a flurry of answers some simply answering the question and some proclaiming they have been crocheting for 50+yrs and … [Read more…]