If you are a member of any crochet groups you will have inevitably seen a few posts on blocking. It usually starts with a post from a new comer asking ‘what is blocking?’

There will be a flurry of answers some simply answering the question and some proclaiming they have been crocheting for 50+yrs and have never blocked a thing.

So is blocking essential? No, not at all, it really depends on the project and your intended use.

Lets think about it as a shirt, you pull a freshly washed shirt out of the clean clothes pile, it’s a bit crinkled, do you iron it? Depends! Is it your favourite gardening shirt and you are heading you to weed the vegetable patch? I don’t know about you but I would probably not waste the time ironing and get out into the garden. If however your putting on the shirt to go and grab coffee with your friends then I dare say an iron over to smarten it up and have you feeling your best is probably on the cards.

Blocking opens up your project, especially if it has any lace details. it encourages your stitches to relax and lay straight, in turn the project relaxes and lays flat, which is perfect for photos or display.

If you have made a blanket to pop in your pooches bed, I am sure he won’t mind if you didn’t block it first, but if you are gifting your work, entering it in your local show or sharing photography of your project on social media, surely you will want all those hours, days, weeks, months of work to be shown at their best.
Blocking your projects is a little like ironing your shirt before meeting up with your friends.

So which camp are you in? Block all the things? Block when needed? I never block? Or are you in the what is blocking camp? If so stay tuned and I will answer that next time.

Mel x

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